Printmaking Class With Linda Thomas

print 026I think our printmaking class is particularly fun for students because they work together with other students in the printshop on problem solving and learning to use new tools and the printing presses. It is exciting and practical to be able to make many copies of your own drawing, design or artwork.

The class proceeds in a systematic way from easy to more complex.

The first project is a single color linoleum block printed by hand. As printmaking skills, experience, and knowledge expand, students learn to use the press and experiment with the intaglio technique of drypoint and planographic techniques of monotype, xerox transfer, and collograph. A multi-color image is produced by making several plates or by altering a single plate.

print 028

Since it’s an art class emphasis is on the application of skills in design, composition, drawing, use of color and effective visual communication. These things can be developed through the printmaking process and are not a prerequisite to take the class.

print 017

Students enroll first in Printmaking I (ART 230) and may enroll a second time in Printmaking II (ART 235).

These are 200 level courses worth 5 credits each. Typical of studio classes, each session of printmaking is a three hour class twice each week. MW 1:30-4:20 Winter Quarter, 2013.

Linda Thomas
Adjunct Art Faculty and Artist
Bellevue College

View more from Linda Thomas here:

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