Nature Gallery

Kissing Nature

Kissing Nature

Many people think that art is only found in a gallery, on a canvas or made by human hands.

It could even be a written song, poetry, or a dance. Art can be expressed in so many ways. A gallery could be anywhere or anything.

But the biggest gallery I’ve ever walked through is simply, the world.

It may seem obvious but the world is gently and carefully crafted as an amazing masterpiece. Every step you take into nature is a new design and discovery. Now, I’m not really the type to be environmentally friendly and a stereotypical “tree hugger” but I see how much meaning nature has. (I’m not saying I don’t recycle, because I do, so let’s just make sure that’s clear before we move on. )

I’m always so intrigued by sunsets. Now when I say sunset, you’re probably thinking the full-on yellow, orange and pink. Yes, those are the kind you see outside your car window while driving down the highway after a long days work; a kind of art that calms you and lets you know there is still peace somewhere hidden in your day of “cursed circumstances”.

Art is relaxing. Sitting outside during summer on the swing and looking out to see the sun shining through the perfectly ripened green leaves. You see that peaceful picture as far as your vision will go, with nature, there is no end of the page; it goes on forever. It’s a picture no human could get just right.

There are many artists who create art that is inspired by nature. But no painting is as beautiful as experiencing the art in your own moment. Back to sunsets: my favorite is the Romance Sunset. That sunset you see right before the sun reaches the bottom of the earth. The light shines up but only so much so that you can see the dark blue sky with stars above the red and yellow, and each second the sun goes down, it creates a different picture.

At a regular gallery, pictures could be left up for days, and stay the same. But nature’s gallery changes per minute, per hour, per day, per month, and most of all, per season.

The best part of this “Nature Gallery” is that not only is it free, but it is everywhere! Just walk outside! Explore! My favorite thing to do is to really dig deep into the art. If you’ve never picked a leaf off a tree before and looked at it closely, then that should be something on your bucket list. When you see a leaf on a tree, it’s a bigger picture. But if you were to take one leaf, the picture becomes smaller, but more defined. You see the different designs and cells on the leaf and looking at your hand next to it, your skin is woven very similar. So wait, that means we are art too?

Nature isn’t just leaves and trees, mountains and fountains. It’s people! So many different colors, shapes and sizes! All of them together make such a colorful picture! That’s why diversity is so appealing to the heart, because humans attract to color and creativity. But I’m getting off track. Nature Gallery, got it, sorry.

What about the sunsets that are toppled over with clouds, big fluffy clouds. When the sun shines behind the clouds it sends the ray of light down to the terrain and outlines the clouds with a golden yellow glow. That’s what I call beautiful art and it’s new every day! Don’t even get me started on flowers! Have you ever seen art that smells so good? Wow, now that is top on the list.

Most art smells like paint or clay. Haha!

Overall, the world is a beautiful place. Spending time in this gallery is healing, and brings such peace. I choose daily to take a look at this gallery of art, to appreciate the artist’s greatest designs. Like I previously expressed: with nature, there is no end of the page; it goes on forever.

It’s a picture no human could get just right.

Keturah Anderson
Campus Life & Events Representative
Bellevue College Associated Student Government

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