A “Woo” Moment

Julie Yuye Tian

Julie Yuye Tian

People use “Art”, this particular word, as a noun all the time,
but the point, for my understanding, is that “Art” is not a noun; it is a verb.
Art communicates to people, it connects people together,
it is as complicated as science, but it can also be as simple as a “Woo” moment.
You just get it, sometimes even if you are not looking for it.

Art is doing it all the time – –
you can’t see it, but you can feel it;
you can’t touch it, but you can smell it;
you can’t speak it, but you can understand it.
It is beyond language – a good thing for me, especially for second language learners.

Currently in my second year of the Interior Design program, I am finding myself experiencing art in different ways:
feeling it different ways;
smelling it in different  ways;
understanding it in differnt ways.
It can never be done. There is always something more to add into art, something less to subtract from art.

Art is unpredictable, and give surprise all the time;
art is the way of living, and it is the way life is supposed to be.
“Beauty”, in someone’s words, is only the expression of the moment of art.
“Ugly”, in someone’s words, maybe is that they just don’t understand the beauty that comes from within.

I respect people who paint, who make sculpture,
who write music and poems….
Those people make art, too,
and the results that come out — all in different forms — are spectacular.

And for me, I have a long way ahead of me; I need to catch up with my learning.
Until next time, have a nice day and enjoy your life surrounding by art ….

Julie Yuye Tian
Bellevue College Interior Design Student

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